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April 2011

Rittenhouse Farmers’ Market


The birds are chirping, the sun is shining, and the produce is beckoning. Tomorrow, Saturday, April 30, hit up the Farmers’ Market in Rittenhouse Square, brought to you by Farm to City, between 10am-2pm. Producers at this week’s market include…

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Mere Beer


Oh, maligned beer. Thin, yellowish swill indiscernible from other swills- or at least rendered so over the last thirty years at the hands of the “Big Three”. You know, the guys with the Super Bowl commercials. Those pricey spots are are, of course, what distinguish the mainstream varieties of beer. I suppose little money remains for the development of styles.

But of those that my television tells me I ought to be drinking, I believe one type makes you say ‘Waazzzuup!”, one is to this day distributed across the Rockies on something called the “love train”, and the other is delivered most expediently to your face via the rifled, “vortex” bottle. At last my beer may enter my body in the same manner it exits!

But what of the beer itself? Are we, the lowly consumers, simply incapable of articulating a preference beyond light or lime? Are we what we drink?

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Welcome to COOK!


Hello, beautiful foodies of Philadelphia, and welcome to COOKbook, the official blog of COOK!

As you have probably heard by now, and since you are on this site, this summer, Audrey Claire Taichman, owner of Audrey Claire and Twenty Manning Grill, is opening COOK: a state-of-the-art, fully-equipped, sixteen-seat kitchen-classroom where guests will discover, prepare and enjoy meals made for and by the city’s diverse culture of food lovers.

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