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June 2011

Philly’s Own – A Cupcake Wonderland – Wins “Cupcake Wars”


Last night certainly “crushed” for Philly’s own A Cupcake Wonderland, winners of this week’s episode of Food Network’s “Cupcake Wars”.

The dynamic duo of Lily Fischer and Erin Bailey, the ladies behind A Cupcake Wonderland, brought their A-game and trounced three other top baking teams from around the country – not to mention the thousands of others who auditioned for a spot on the show (watch ACW’s amazing audition video here). And we could not be more excited that Lily and Erin will be gracing COOK with a class or two later this year!!!

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Join Fair Food as they kick off another season of Farm Tours that put you face-to-face with the growers and purveyors behind your favorite local fare. Sponsored by Grid Magazine, the first tour of the season will be a Cheesemakers of Chester County tour and who doesn’t want to spend a day in a beautiful setting eating nothing but cheese?

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Cakes of My Youth (Part 2 of 3): Father’s Day


Last month, I shared my Grandma Jonnie’s Sherry Cake recipe as the first installment of a “Cakes of My Youth” series. This month brings us Father’s Day and therefore another cake. (But do we really need any excuse for cake?)

My father is truly his mother’s son. With a no-muss-no-fuss attitude, he appreciates life’s little pleasures while honoring their proper preparation. If forced to make a choice, he would always select an A+ omelette over a B+ boeuf bourguignon. This sensibility applies to his baking style as well. The cake my father prepared most often is a stripped-down version of his mother’s recipe. He regards her use of cream sherry as old-fashioned and unnecessary. So his version of his mother’s cake is a spartan take on a spartan cake. What you’re left with here is a back-to-basics recipe for those who hate to bake. Hence the use (again) of boxed cake mix. But based on some of your comments last month, you didn’t frown upon that. Enjoy!

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Where’s the Beef? Part Deux


The carnivore inside me was more than sated after Saturday’s inaugural Philadelphia Burger Brawl.

The event was conceived by Rob and Maggie Wasserman of Rouge and 500°, and I had the honor and privilege of being on the panel of judges alongside Food Network host Marc Summers, Mike Jerrick of FOX 29’s Good Day Philadelphiaand Matt Cord of 93.3 WMMR. (I think there were a couple others but I couldn’t see past the towering burgers that kept being placed in front of me).

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Art of Bread by Georges Perrier


For many years, Georges Perrier has been both my teacher and my friend. I have always known him as a true artist but it was never as apparent to me as when we were part of a group holidaying in the south of France a few years ago. Everyday, Georges could be found either at the market shopping for the freshest and most beautiful produce or in the kitchen, effortlessly whipping up any number of delicious meals and snacks. Needless to say, my dear friend lives and breathes the art of food, and now, that also includes the art of bread.

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