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July 2016

Class Recap: Hands On COOKery with Becca O’Brien, Robin Admana and Sandy Trinh


There were plenty of shenanigans going on in the COOK kitchen this past Tuesday evening when Becca O’Brien of Two Birds Catering and Robin Admana and Sandy Trinh of Foolish Waffles came in for a hands-on cooking experience.

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In the Pantry: Shop our Finishing Salts at COOK!


Are you looking to add a little something extra to your home cooking? Why not try our finishing salts at COOK? We are always stocked up on Himalayan pink salt, black lava salt, and Cyprus flake salt as well as our beloved French Farms butcher and fisherman salts.

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August Classes Still Available at COOK!


Above: Team Herban, returning to COOK August 12.

Happy summer, all! We’re working hard here at COOK to complete our September class roster which is going up on Tuesday, August 9th at 2pm. Mark your calendars because this lineup is looking amazing! In the meantime, are you still making plans for August? If so, we’ve got some open seats for you here at COOK! Take a look below to see what’s still available.

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COOK Pantry: Check out our Summer Scents at COOK!


Things are really heating up this summer and we’re all indulging in our favorite refreshing summer scents whether it be the salty smell of the ocean, the citrus-y smell of fresh squeezed lemonade, or flowers from the garden. This summer, shop our COOK pantry and you’ll find some summer-scented delights for your home!

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Class Recap: Bastille Day Dinner at COOK!


France celebrated Bastille Day this Thursday, July 14th, and earlier this week here at COOK, we decided to join the festivities with Kenneth Bush of Bistrot La Minette. Check out the French picnic he prepared for us!

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COOKbook Corner: Shop Our Seafood Book Selection at COOK!


Ah, summertime! It’s a time for trips to the beach, for outdoor grilling, and enjoying some tasty seafood. If you’re looking for tips and recipes for the perfect crab dip or clam bake, look no further than COOK! Our shelves are currently stocked with some wonderful seafood cookbooks to help you create something special whether it’ s a fresh ceviche or a nicely prepared filet of fish. Take a look at some of our favorites!

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COOKbook Author Series: “Preserving Italy” with Domenica Marchetti


Cookbook author Domenica Marchetti made a visit to the COOK kitchen this week to share some recipes from her newly published book “Preserving Italy” and trust us- you NEED this book! Her book is filled with all you need to know on preserving, curing, and infusing, the Italian way. Take a look at some of the wonderful dishes she made for us.

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Sneak Peek of August at COOK


Above: George Sabatino of Aldine.

We’re putting the finishing touches on our August class schedule! Take a look at the schedule preview below, share with friends and family and then go here promptly THIS FRIDAY, JULY 8 AT 2PM to purchase your seats!

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Fourth of July Recipe: Souvlaki


Fourth of July is just a few days away and for many of us, this means firing up the grill. This year, why not spice things up by adding a Greek twist to your spread?

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