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February 2018

Shift Drink: A Taste of Korea at SouthGate


As an industry worker zipping around on your feet for hours, the best part of the day is enjoying a shift drink: a post-work alcoholic beverage to decompress, take a load off, and yes, enjoy a nice buzz before heading home. In this series, we’ll explore the many fantastic bar programs of Philadelphia where you can treat yourself after a hard days work. This time, in honor of the PyeongChang Winter Games, we stopped by a modern Korean-American gastropub called SouthGate, located on the corner of 18th and Lombard Streets.

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Class Highlight: Diana Sabater’s Hummus Recipe


I pita the fool that doesn’t like hummus. Diana Sabater of Diana’s Spice Cantina brought some Moroccan heat to the COOK kitchen for Valentine’s Day. From mussels in a harissa tomato cream sauce to lamb kabobs with Yemeni green chili sauce, Diana made this Valentine’s Day extra spicy! While guests thoroughly enjoyed these dishes that left their taste buds tingling, Diana’s savory roasted red pepper hummus blew everyone away.  Chef Diana claimed that once you try homemade hummus you will never go back to eating the store bought variety. Lucky for you I was able to follow up with her after class to get her recipe. Read on for three-time Chopped champion Diana Sabater’s roasted red pepper hummus recipe and see why it left guests wanting more! 

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Tips & Tricks From The COOK Kitchen


Time for another crash course from the COOK kitchen! February is off to a great start – we’ve had some stellar chefs come in and demonstrate their skills to our guests. From vegan cooking advice to poaching eggs in duck fat, our kitchen has run the gamut these past few weeks. I’ve been taking diligent notes in order to share the best tips and tricks that I’ve heard since the beginning of the month… Read on!

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Happy National Pizza Day!


“When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that’s amore”. If you love pizza, then rejoice because today is National Pizza Day! COOK is here to help you celebrate with some pizza making recipes and pizza cookbook recommendations. Additionally, as a former pizzaiolo, I have learned the art of pizza making and want to share some tips for this grand holiday. So let’s get rolling!

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Stay In This Valentine’s Day with Recipes from COOK


It’s that time of year again – Valentine’s Day! If you forgot to make a reservation or if you prefer a night at home, COOK has you covered! I searched through our selection of books at COOK to find some lovely recipes to charm that special someone in your life.  Learn to make a fancy French-y cocktail for your significant other or try your hand at playing Cupid by baking some decadent chocolate cheesecake brownies. Do Valentine’s Day right this year by making these treats or come into COOK for additional inspiration from our extensive library of cookbooks.

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Sneak Peek of March at COOK


Photo: Sam Jacobson of Stargazy and Mighty Melt

We’re putting the finishing touches on our March schedule, but here’s a sneak peek of what we have coming up. Don’t forget to grab your seats here tomorrow, Tuesday, February 6 at 2pm.

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Oh My God, The Eagles Are In The Super Bowl, What Do I Do?


Brace yourselves. The city of Philadelphia is hungry for redemption, for victory over the locally-loathed New England Patriots. Thirteen years ago the Eagles faced the Patriots in Super Bowl XXXIX. It didn’t end well for our boys in green as Tom Brady and Bill Belichick went home with the coveted Lombardi Trophy. Fast forward to this Sunday’s Super Bowl LII, a rematch that stirs up some harbored animosity, but this time, it’s different. The city of Philadelphia has fully embraced its underdog role. After QB wonderboy and MVP hopeful Carson Wentz tore his ACL all seemed lost, but the team and the fans have rallied around former Eagles starter and backup QB Nick Foles. This is a real life Rocky scenario, and Philadelphia is sure to be in a frenzy this Super Bowl Sunday. Here at COOK we understand how vital food and drinks are to any Super Bowl affair, so we’re here to get you ready for game day. Read on to see how you can make a great batched cocktail and a deliciously green appetizer. Plus, check out the local lineup of bars and restaurants that are participating in the Eagles festivities. 

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