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Class Recap: Pasta Makes Perfect with Pat Alfiero of Morgan’s Pier


Pat Alfiero made his debut in the COOK kitchen yesterday and he schooled us all in the art of pasta making. Not only did we all go home full and happy, but we also took home some great tips for making our own pasta at home. To compliment this Italian meal, we served our favorite Italian wines: Primitivo and Vernaccia.  Take a look at this amazing menu!

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Heard, Chef! Top 5 Chef Tips Heard in the COOK kitchen


When you’re working in a fast-paced kitchen, communication is key. When the chef gives out directions, there’s no time for conversation. You simply respond with, “Heard, Chef!” In this COOK series, we’ll be bringing you all of the wonderful, tips, tricks, and secrets that we’ve heard during our classes. This month, we’ve been rounding up our favorite tips from our talented chefs and we’d like to pass on the wisdom! Take a look at the top five tips we’ve learned from our visiting chefs.

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Class Recap: Rock n’ Roll! Kids Class with Shayna Marmar of Honeypie Cooking!


Shayna Marmar, of Honeypie Cooking, returned to the COOK kitchen this week for another exciting and informative kids class! This time, the theme was Rock n’ Roll and we did just that! Shayna walked us through the process of rolling your own sushi, summer rolls, burritos, and crepes. At the end of class, we all got to take home what we made and we even had some more ideas for recipes of our own! Take a look at what we were up to.

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Class Recap: Springtime in Sicily with Michael Vincent Ferreri of Res Ipsa


Chef Michael Vincent Ferreri of Res Ipsa stopped in this week to deliver a fantastic five-course Sicilian meal that had us all practically licking our plates! Take a look at what he prepared.

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Class Recap: A Taste of Scarpetta with Jorge Espinoza


The Scarpetta team came in this week and stunned us with a delicious, 6-course Italian meal. Chef Jorge Espinoza talked us through everything from perfectly cooking an octopus to making the most delicious pasta sauces. Take a look at what they cooked up!

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Class Recap: Meat & Greet & Eat with George Sabatino of Aldine and Heather Thomason of Primal Supply Meats


We were joined, once again, this week by the fantastic duo, George Sabatino and Heather Thomason for an informative, food-filled evening at COOK! Heather Thomason, the mind behind Primal Supply Meats, brought in her best cuts of meat to walk us through the butchery process while George Sabatino of Aldine prepared a wonderful 5-course meal. Take a look at what these two prepared for us!

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Class Recap: Beer Dinner with Brady Taylor of The Cambridge!


Chef Brady Taylor of the Cambridge made his debut in the COOK kitchen this weekend for a wonderful night of food and beer. He was joined by owners Heather Annechiarico and Chris Fetfatzes who brought some great beer pairings to the table. Take a look at the delicious meal they prepared!

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An Evening with Chef Carlo Arriola of Audrey Claire


Chef Carlo Arriola of Audrey Claire made his debut in the COOK kitchen this weekend to provide us with some delicious Mediterranean fare. Check out his amazing menu!

We started off the night with fried halloumi served with fig jam and dates. This dish is a popular menu item at Audrey Claire and was certainly enjoyed by all of our guests! The halloumi was followed by a caesar salad with baby romaine, crispy lovash, and locatelli cheese on top.

As an intermezzo course, Carlo broke out the dry ice and handmade a pear sorbet right before our eyes!

Carlo5For the main course, Carlo walked us through his seared Bronzino which was beautifully plated with heirloom carrots, pickled cucumber, tzatziki, and finished with basil and dill oil.

Carlo4Carlo6Carlo3We closed out the evening with another fantastic dish from the Audrey Claire menu: warm chocolate cake with berries and chantilly cream. This dessert was pure heaven!

Carlo1Like what you see? Stop over to Audrey Claire to enjoy more wonderful food from Chef Carlo. They take reservations Sunday through Thursday and it’s BYOB so don’t forget to bring your favorite bottle of wine!

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Class Recap: South in Your mouth with Justin Swain of Rex 1516


Our friend, Justin Swain of Rex 1516, stopped in this week to show us how to make some Southern barbecue. From biscuits to briskets, this four course meal was the stuff of dreams. Take a look at what he whipped up!

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Destination Quebec: A Jewish Food and Drink Road trip with Joseph Howard of Abe Fisher and Steve Wood of Luca Restaurant


Our guests joined us at COOK last night for a delicious and boozy evening with Joseph Howard and Steve Wood as they joined forces to take us on a roadtrip. The duo created six stunning cocktails and five decadent dishes prepared in the spirit of Quebec. Take a look at some photos of the evening!

Our guests were greeted with a Caribou. This traditional warm Canadian beverage was delicious even with yesterday’s unseasonably warm weather. The beverage was comprised of a syrah base with pear eau de vie, walnut liqueur, maple syrup, spices, and garnished with an orange peel.


To start off our evening, Joe Howard served us grilled oysters with creamed onions, white cheddar, schmaltz bread crumbs, fresh herbs, and caviar. This was paired with Steve’s “Tonique d’ Ouverture” which consisted of Byrhh Grand Quinquina, fino sherry, toasted sesame tonic, and celery soda.

Quebec4Quebec2Joe then demonstrated his process for roasted mushrooms which he then served with bacon jam, herbs, six-minute egg, truffles, and everything spiced bagel. This was served alongside a glass of “Torontian Milk Punch” made with a blend of lemon, pineapple, spices, maple sugar, Jamaican and Trinidadian rums, Canadian Rye whiskey, Fernet Branca, Angostura Bitters, English breakfast tea, and whole milk.

Quebec5Quebec3For the third course, we enjoyed potato latkes plated with duck gravy, foie gras, fried onion, and schmaltz caramelized onion. Steve’s pairing was foie washed dark rum, amontillado sherry, smoked maple syrup, truffle salt, a whole egg and nutmeg.

Quebec6The main event was Duck served with leeks, butternut squash, brown butter, kale , and garlic. To match the richness of this dish, Steve prepared the “Vecchio Amico” which was made with apple brandy, sweet and dry vermouths, Capaletti Vino Aperitivo, Smokey Rabarbaro Amaro, spiced cranberry and bitter orange shrub, smoked saffron, and vanilla bitters.

Quebec7As with any good meal, we ended it with something sweet. Joe served us coffee cake with maple, cinnamon, brown sugar, labne ice cream, and smoked nuts. To go with this, Stebe broke out the blender and whipped up some “Monte and Maple Milkshakes” made with Calvados, Montenegros Amaro, labne and vanilla bean ice cream, maple syrup, whole milk, and maple cotton candy.


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