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Philly’s Puentes de Salud Featured In The New York Times


The team at COOK was incredibly excited to see this excellent feature about Philadelphia’s Puentes de Salud in the January 20 edition of The New York TimesSupported by the Philly chef community, Dr. Steve Larson‘s non-profit organization provides high-quality medical care to our city’s undocumented and uninsured Latino immigrants, many of whom work within the restaurant industry.

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Where To Buy Your Thanksgiving Bird


With Thanksgiving right around the corner, we at COOK thought we’d share with you the best places around town for buying that big ol’ bird. You can get a turkey at just about any supermarket these days but we have some suggestions if you’re looking for a better bird this year. Below are a few of our top turkey purveyors – but you better place your orders early so you don’t miss out!

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Cheese-101 at Home


Missed Saturday’s Cheese-101 class at COOK? Well, here are the “deets” on how you can recreate the 10-cheese tasting in your own home.

This past Saturday, Di Bruno Bros.’ Emilio Mignucci was joined by cheese blogger and now author, Tenaya Darlington (AKA Madame Fromage), for an exceptional tutorial in cheese tasting and pairing. Emilio and Tenaya, who wrote the new Di Bruno’s textbook on cheese, “Di Bruno Bros. House of Cheese: A Guide to Wedges, Recipes, and Pairings“, have been out promoting the amazing cheese tome and doing special tastings across the region.

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Ball On The Square


If you had a chance to walk around Rittenhouse Square at any time last week, you probably noticed a giant white tent in the middle of it. Your first thought was probably “Wow! I wonder what that tent is for.” And your second thought was probably, “Wait! Why cant I walk through the park!?!?” Well, the answer to both these questions is the annual Ball On The Square.

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Bonkers for Bongo


Have you ever tried to brew your own beer at home? Well, I’ve dabbled in home brewing a few times in the past, and what I’ve definitely learned from the experience is that it is not an easy craft to perfect! It takes more then a few attempts before you are able to control the beer that comes out in the end. And in my case it ended with beer or what ever smelled like beer, all over my ceiling…

Recently at COOK, I meet Dan Berlin, a local home brewer who literally brews out of his home kitchen. Dan’s “Bongo Zeptobrewery” beers were showcased in a few beer pairing dinners with Carmen Cappello of the Moshulu.

Dan has been making beer in his home kitchen for more than four years. He makes everything, from Kolsch to Stout, and brews by a seasonal rotation. Although you still can’t buy his beer at the local stores, they are definitely something worth waiting for or you might be lucky enough to score a seat at his next COOK class.

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COOK MASTERS PROGRAM: Butchery with Chef Andrew Wood of Russet


This little piggy went to COOK… and so did a bunch of his chicken friends.

Yesterday, Andrew Wood, Chef-Owner of Center City’s Russet, brought his butchery A-game to COOK for a Masters Program tutorial in butchery.

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Farm Fresh with Anne Coll of Meritage


Last night COOK had the pleasure of hosting Meritage chef Anne Coll for a truly delicious dinner celebrating local produce. For her “Farm Fresh” class, she brought along a bunch of just-harvested veggies to create a simple yet original meal that showcased the best quality area produce. Anne lives just outside Lancaster on a farm — she has a pet pig named Jenny! — and all of us were able to take advantage of her green thumb, as she even brought in some stuff she grew herself!

Check after the jump for photos and recipes from this amazing evening!

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Warning: Smoking Is Addictive

This year I was given the mission and responsibility of providing Thanksgiving dinner with its main attraction – the turkey. It was a great honor indeed that my friends believed in my cooking skills enough to trust me with such a task. But then I realized that I’ve cooked many birds in my life of many shapes and sizes, but I have never handled anything like a turkey before, and I have no idea how to cook something of its proportion in my oven…? What to do, what to do? How do I make sure I don’t screw it up? What happens if it comes out dry or, God forbid, undercooked? Thanksgiving will be ruined!

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Bed Breakfast & Beyond!

Every few weeks I get the feeling that I have to get out of the city and its urban goings-on. You know what I’m talking about right? That feeling where you have to experience nature right now! I just have to have my dose of fresh air and green scenery at least once a month or I go a little “Center City crazy”. Especially now when winter is just around the corner, it is important to take advantage of this fall weather when you still have some sun, to go out of town and enjoy it! So on that note, I called up my buddy Ryan Harrison who runs a little farm out in Cinnaminson, NJ right next to the Delaware river called “Jersey Gina’s Gems Farm”, and if that name rings a bell it’s because you probably got a chance to experience the amazing Gina’s Jersey Gems pickles which we sale at COOK. They are, by far, the best pickles I have ever had! Ryan, who is also a chef, has been a part of a number of classes here at COOK, including classes with The Smoke Truck, Ela,and he even competed in one of our “Open Stove” battles.

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I would like to start with congratulating Lacroix at the Rittenhouse for an amazing 10 years. To commemorate their tenth anniversary, Lacroix hosted an elaborate celebration dinner, benefiting the Lacroix scholarship through the James Beard Foundation and honoring Jean-Marie Lacroix for his contribution to Philadelphia’s (and the nation’s) culinary scene.

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