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Give yourself a break with a Refreshing Cocktail from Twenty Manning Grill!


If you’re looking for somewhere to relax with a cold beverage this summer season, head over to Twenty Manning Grill and grab a cocktail from their seasonal 261 Labs menu! The new menu, which made its debut on Wednesday, is filled with plenty of refreshing, creative libations to quench your thirst and beat the heat this summer.  The menu features 5 new cocktails which were all inspired by America’s favorite pastime- reality television! As a bonus, they’ve also created them using locally crafted spirits. Check out what they’ve put together!

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Memorial Day Weekend Sale at COOK!


Memorial Day weekend is almost upon us and it’s a time to treat yourself to a three day weekend with a cold beer, some good food, and great company. We also want you to treat yourself here at COOK!

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Class Recap: Pasta Makes Perfect with Pat Alfiero of Morgan’s Pier


Pat Alfiero made his debut in the COOK kitchen yesterday and he schooled us all in the art of pasta making. Not only did we all go home full and happy, but we also took home some great tips for making our own pasta at home. To compliment this Italian meal, we served our favorite Italian wines: Primitivo and Vernaccia.  Take a look at this amazing menu!

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Shift Drink: After Hours Cocktails with Friday, Saturday, Sunday


As an industry worker zipping around on your feet all day, the best part of the day is enjoying a shift drink: a post-work alcoholic beverage to decompress, take a load off, and yes, enjoy a nice buzz before heading home to bed. In this series, we’ll be exploring the many fantastic bar programs of Philadelphia where you can treat yourself after a hard days work.

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Heard, Chef! Top 5 Chef Tips Heard in the COOK kitchen


When you’re working in a fast-paced kitchen, communication is key. When the chef gives out directions, there’s no time for conversation. You simply respond with, “Heard, Chef!” In this COOK series, we’ll be bringing you all of the wonderful, tips, tricks, and secrets that we’ve heard during our classes. This month, we’ve been rounding up our favorite tips from our talented chefs and we’d like to pass on the wisdom! Take a look at the top five tips we’ve learned from our visiting chefs.

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Class Recap: Rock n’ Roll! Kids Class with Shayna Marmar of Honeypie Cooking!


Shayna Marmar, of Honeypie Cooking, returned to the COOK kitchen this week for another exciting and informative kids class! This time, the theme was Rock n’ Roll and we did just that! Shayna walked us through the process of rolling your own sushi, summer rolls, burritos, and crepes. At the end of class, we all got to take home what we made and we even had some more ideas for recipes of our own! Take a look at what we were up to.

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Class Recap: Springtime in Sicily with Michael Vincent Ferreri of Res Ipsa


Chef Michael Vincent Ferreri of Res Ipsa stopped in this week to deliver a fantastic five-course Sicilian meal that had us all practically licking our plates! Take a look at what he prepared.

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COOKbook Corner: Our new cookbooks are in!


We’ve just added a ton of new cookbooks to our shelves so if you’re searching for some culinary inspiration, are shopping for a loved one, or just want to browse, stop in to COOK. Take a look at some of the latest cookbooks to join our shelves!

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Class Recap: A Taste of Scarpetta with Jorge Espinoza


The Scarpetta team came in this week and stunned us with a delicious, 6-course Italian meal. Chef Jorge Espinoza talked us through everything from perfectly cooking an octopus to making the most delicious pasta sauces. Take a look at what they cooked up!

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Get Your Tickets for the Philadelphia Farm and Food Fest


The Philadelphia farm and food festival is just a few days away so get your tickets if you haven’t already! The event, which takes place at the Pennsylvania Convention center on Saturday, April 8th, is drawing in talented farmers and chefs from around the region- including many of our COOK regulars! These dedicated craftsmen are going to be doing cooking demonstrations as well as continuing the conversation surrounding sustainable farming.

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