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Happy National Pizza Day!


“When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that’s amore”. If you love pizza, then rejoice because today is National Pizza Day! COOK is here to help you celebrate with some pizza making recipes and pizza cookbook recommendations. Additionally, as a former pizzaiolo, I have learned the art of pizza making and want to share some tips for this grand holiday. So let’s get rolling!

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COOKbook Corner: Winter Soup Recipe


Got the Winter blues? Below freezing weather got you sniffling? COOK has you covered. At COOK we have an extensive library of cookbooks, so I browsed our collection and found two great soup recipes that will be sure to lift your spirits. I tried out the recipes for myself to show you how delicious these soups are. Thaw out your body and fill your house with warmth and spice with these recipes for homemade chicken stock and potato leek soup. Read on for the recipes and see how easy these cookbooks make home cooking!

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New Year, New Kitchen


Happy New Year! With the new year comes resolutions and the idea of a fresh start. Many people make plans to eat healthier, become more organized, and gain a fresh perspective. So why not freshen up your kitchen and get cracking down on some healthy cooking? Check out COOK’s retail goods that will not only add new life to your kitchen, but get it looking and smelling clean for the New Year! Read on for cookbook recommendations, and check out our boutique products that will spruce up your cooking space.

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COOK Gift Giving Guide


Looking to get the perfect holiday gift for that special someone in your life? Look no further! We’ve kicked off our 12 Days of COOKmas sale yesterday. Save 20% off select retail items–sale items change daily, so there’s something for everyone! Does you have a loved one that is all about baking? Maybe your bestie is a cocktail enthusiast. Or perhaps your you know a seasoned grill master. If you have a friend or family member that can be found in the kitchen any given day, we have you covered this holiday season. Below are recommended great gifts for someone special in your life.

Also, be sure to check out the 12 Days of COOKmas sale schedule!

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Shop the newest cookbooks at COOK!


At COOK, we love to make sure we’re always keeping our shelves fresh with the best and most recent cookbooks. Over the last couple months, we’ve added a few gems to our collection. For those of you on the market for a new addition to your culinary book shelf, stop on in. Look below for just a few of our newest cookbooks.

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Happy National Picnic Month from COOK!


Among all the various wonderful food holidays, we’ve just discovered that it’s National Picnic month! No one can deny the joys of rallying with friends and family to put together some special dishes and dine in the great outdoors.

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Clearance Sale: 50% off our window display items!


We’re a little late to the spring cleaning game but it’s never too late to hold a sale. Shop at COOK right now and get a 50% discount on our window items. You heard that right. All items in our 20th street windows are currently 50-percent off!

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COOK Test Kitchen: Chickpea Tagine from Vegan: The Cookbook by Phaidon


If you’ve visited us at COOK before, you’re well aware of our fairly extensive selection of cookbooks. While we offer books on everything from French cuisine to ice cream making, we are particularly fond of our selection of vegan and vegetarian cookbooks. With all the limitations that come along with vegan and vegetarian cooking, we’ve found that these cookbook authors have been able to bring more creativity and flavor to cooking while still keeping it fairly simple and easy for the home cook. In this new Test Kitchen series, we are going to be exploring these cookbooks more in-depth and recreating a recipe from each to demonstrate the scope of possibility in vegan and vegetarian cooking.

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Memorial Day Weekend Sale at COOK!


Memorial Day weekend is almost upon us and it’s a time to treat yourself to a three day weekend with a cold beer, some good food, and great company. We also want you to treat yourself here at COOK!

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COOKbook Corner: Our new cookbooks are in!


We’ve just added a ton of new cookbooks to our shelves so if you’re searching for some culinary inspiration, are shopping for a loved one, or just want to browse, stop in to COOK. Take a look at some of the latest cookbooks to join our shelves!

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