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Class Recap: Sushi 101 with Matt Kemp of Shoon Sushi


Matt Kemp of Shoon Sushi stopped by last week to show us the ropes on all things sushi. From breaking down a fish to making sushi rice, Matt offered up pro-tips from his years of practice. After class, we all left excited and ready to try it at home. Take a look at what he made for us!

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Check Out what we’ve been up to on our COOK Gallery Page


Summertime is nearing an end in just a few short weeks and we’re already feeling the nostalgia from all our wonderful summer classes.  If you’ve missed out on the summer fun or want to relive your own moments here at COOK, check out our ever expanding gallery page where we share all the food-filled moments we’ve captured in our kitchen.

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Get your tickets for Philly S.E.E.D Festival!


Save your appetite because Philly’s second annual S.E.E.D festival will be taking place this Sunday, August 13th, from 3 to 6 p.m at Sugarhouse Casino.

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Shift Drink: A Cold Beer with Fountain Porter

As an industry worker zipping around on your feet for hours, the best part of the day is enjoying a shift drink: a post-work alcoholic beverage to decompress, take a load off, and yes, enjoy a nice buzz before heading home to bed. In this series, we’ll be exploring the many fantastic bar programs of Philadelphia where you can treat yourself after a hard days work.

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Class Recap: An Evening of Filipino Fare with Lou Boquila of Perla


Lou Boquila, former Chef de Cuisine of Audrey Claire, made a triumphant return from his COOK hiatus this week to make his debut as chef and owner of Perla, a modern Filipino BYOB. This class comes just a few weeks ahead of the one year anniversary of Perla and we were super excited to see what he’s been up to! Take a look at a few of the gorgeous dishes he cooked up for us.

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Shop the newest cookbooks at COOK!


At COOK, we love to make sure we’re always keeping our shelves fresh with the best and most recent cookbooks. Over the last couple months, we’ve added a few gems to our collection. For those of you on the market for a new addition to your culinary book shelf, stop on in. Look below for just a few of our newest cookbooks.

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Happy National Picnic Month from COOK!


Among all the various wonderful food holidays, we’ve just discovered that it’s National Picnic month! No one can deny the joys of rallying with friends and family to put together some special dishes and dine in the great outdoors.

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Class Recap: Cooking with the Greek Twins! Frances Vavloukis and Katherine Pardalios


Our favorite Greek Chef, Frances Vavloukis, returned to the COOK kitchen this week and this time around, she brought a special guest with her- her twin sister Katherine. Katherine has been visiting from Greece and decided to join Frances for a Greek family affair. The duo showed us how to make all the classic Greek dishes we love. Take a look at their incredible menu!

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Bastille Day Weekend Is Almost Here!


Bastille Day is next weekend which means there’s going to be plenty of cool events for you to check out around Philadelphia. For those not familiar, Bastille Day is a French national holiday to celebrate the storming of the Bastille during the French Revolution. In France, it’s celebrated much like our own Fourth of July – with parades, family, and plenty of food. If you’re a Francophile looking to celebrate, take a look at some of these events popping up around the city!

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Oh, The Places You’ll Go with Classes at COOK!


It should come as no surprise that here at COOK, we absolutely love a good meal. For many people, sharing a meal is a way to bond and create lasting memories. Swapping recipes and our own secret tricks to making a delicious dish have become a way to connect with each other long before the days of social media. Food also has the power to transport you and for many, it’s become a way to experience the world. Attending a COOK class is often just like taking a mini-vacation. Throughout the years, our chefs have taken us everywhere from Argentina to Germany and all the way to Thailand. Take a look at where we’ve been so far this month!

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