Gianluca Demontis

Chef-Owner, Melograno

Gianluca Demontis was born and raised in Rome, Italy where his family still resides. He was educated at the Institute Tecnico Alberghiero of Rome. His passion for food and cooking began in early childhood preparing lunches and dinners in the family’s summer home with his mother and aunts. The family also owns a restaurant in Rome’s city center, which has been running for over forty years.

Gianluca now runs his own establishment, Melograno, which is located on Sansom Street in Philadelphia, where he specializes in classic Roman cuisine. He focuses on fresh ingredients and traditional rustic foods which he brings back for today’s diners. He believes his role as a chef is to enhance daily life by bringing people together to enjoy good company along with a comforting and satisfying meal. Food should be a source not only to sustain life but also to enrich it.