Lee Styer

Chef-Owner, Fond

In 2009, three good friends came together to open Fond: head chef Lee Styer, pastry chef Jessie Prawlucki, and dining room manager Tory Keomanivong. After years of working in the Philadelphia restaurant scene, honing their skills at restaurants like Le Bec-Fin and Lacroix, an opportunity presented itself on East Passyunk Avenue. Ready for a new challenge, the trio combined their ideas and abilities, and quickly had the restaurant up and running.

Passion, discipline, and a constant pursuit of excellence ensure high quality food and service at Fond. Dedicated to offering the best dining experience, every member on staff makes guests’ comfort, satisfaction, and pleasure their top priority. From the moment a guest walks in and is warmly greeted with a smile, to the last delicious bite of expertly-prepared food, no desire is left unmet.

Chef Styer and his team prepare contemporary American cuisine with high-quality, fresh ingredients. Lee uses classic techniques to build complex layers of flavors creating a menu that is approachable, yet refined and interesting.

Chef Prawlucki makes all of the restaurant’s bread and desserts. After two years in the kitchen at Fond, Jessie was able to expand, opening a small bakery one block away. She continues to be Fond’s exclusive pastry chef, meticulously preparing desserts and baking daily, in her own space.

Three years after opening at 1617 East Passyunk Avenue, Fond began to outgrow their tiny original location, and found a more spacious corner property just steps away. Fond now offers a more comfortable, open dining room with great views of the fountain on Passyunk, as well as a handcrafted bar for guests to enjoy a pre-dinner cocktail, or a nightcap before strolling back down the Avenue. A carefully selected wine list has been added to complement the seasonal menu, as well as a gorgeous oak-slab chef’s table in a private dining room with a window peeking into the kitchen.