Rich Landau

Chef-Owner, Vedge and V Street

Husband/wife team Richard Landau and Kate Jacoby are the Chefs/ Owners of Vedge and V Street in Philadelphia.

Chef Rich Landau has been at the forefront of the vegetarian dining scene since 1994 when he opened Horizons Café in Willow Grove. His mission has been to take the carnivore palate he grew up with and use it to translate vegetarian cuisine to a broader audience. During his more than 5 years at Horizons off South Street in Philadelphia, he continued to push the envelope of meatless cuisine. In 2009, he was invited to serve the very first vegan dinner at the prestigious James Beard House in Manhattan. He is proud to have helped shape the culinary landscape in Philadelphia and is excited to further raise the bar for vegetable cuisine.

Chef Kate Jacoby studied French and Sociology at Georgetown. In 2001, she joined Landau to throw her full support behind Horizons, the restaurant she had already grown to know and love as a customer. Her work on the line beside Landau helped hone her pastry skills and shaped her approach to desserts. As Pastry Chef, she strives to innovate vegan desserts and bring fresh ideas to rich, quality ingredients. In more recent years, her focus now includes the bar where she takes the same approach to the cocktail list. A Certified Sommelier, her appreciation and enthusiasm for wine is evident in the lovingly-selected wine list.

Landau and Jacoby are both Philadelphia natives. They spend any free time they have traveling to find inspiring natural beauty and to experience new food cultures. Their son, Rio Jacoby-Landau, was born in November of 2007. A self-proclaimed vegetarian, Rio has traveled extensively with his parents and never fails to impress them with his amazing palate and open-minded approach to food.



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