Tod Wentz

Chef, Townsend

Chef Townsend Wentz grew up in South Jersey, moving to Philadelphia after graduating with degrees in Biology and Chemistry from Rutgers. Townsend had the opportunity to work at The Fountain at the Four Seasons under Chef Jean Marie Lacroix while cooking his way through college.  Staying for six years, he followed Chef Lacroix in opening his eponymous restaurant at The Rittenhouse.  Having spent nearly ten years under Chef Lacroix, Townsend then took his first position as Chef at Twenty21.  Developing his own style over the next three years, he then departed in ’08 for New York City to work for the London-based international MARC group.  Townsend worked at A Voce before becoming opening Chef at Morello Bistro, earning a “Very Good” in the NY Times. He returned to Philadelphia after two years, spending the next three years reinvigorating McCrossens in the Art Museum area. ‘Townsend’ is now the culmination of that journey, having opened its doors in April 2014.