Shift Drink: Cocktails with Southwark


As an industry worker zipping around on your feet all day, the best part of the day is enjoying a shift drink: a post-work alcoholic beverage to decompress, take a load off, and yes, enjoy a nice buzz before heading home to bed. In this series, we’ll be exploring the many fantastic bar programs of Philadelphia where you can treat yourself after a hard days work.

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The Al Fresco Diner’s Guide for Summer 2017

River, Reflections, Skyscrapers, Skyline, Twilight

Summer is here which means it’s time to catch some sun. We can’t think of any better way to enjoy some fresh air than with a cold beverage and delicious fare from some of Philadelphia’s great bars and restaurants. Take a look at some of our recommendations for al fresco dining this summer.

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Heard, Chef! Seafood Suggestions from George Sabatino of Aldine


When you’re working in a fast-paced kitchen, communication is key. When the chef gives out directions, there’s no time for conversation. You simply respond with, “Heard, Chef!” In this COOK series, we’ll be bringing you all of the wonderful, tips, tricks, and secrets that we’ve heard during our classes. This month, we’re sharing some great tips for preparing seafood courtesy of George Sabatino of Aldine. During his Seafood Shindig class this week, George prepared five courses of delicious seafood and along the way, he shared tons of tips for making the most of our ingredients. We were particularly impressed with his preparation of shrimp and sardines and we thought we would spread the word!

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Clearance Sale: 50% off our window display items!


We’re a little late to the spring cleaning game but it’s never too late to hold a sale. Shop at COOK right now and get a 50% discount on our window items. You heard that right. All items in our 20th street windows are currently 50-percent off!

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Cheers to 10 years of Philly Beer Week!


Philadelphia is a beer drinker’s town which is what makes Philadelphia Beer Week all the more special. Now in its 10th year running, this 10-day long celebration is going stronger than ever. With so many options to choose from, it’s almost difficult to avoid a cold pint. There are only a few more days remaining so check out what’s still to come!

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Sneak Peek of July at COOK


Photo: Lou Boquila of Perla.

We’re putting the finishing touches on our July schedule, but here’s a sneak peek of what we have coming up. Don’t forget to grab your seats here Monday, June 5th at 2pm.

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COOK Test Kitchen: Chickpea Tagine from Vegan: The Cookbook by Phaidon


If you’ve visited us at COOK before, you’re well aware of our fairly extensive selection of cookbooks. While we offer books on everything from French cuisine to ice cream making, we are particularly fond of our selection of vegan and vegetarian cookbooks. With all the limitations that come along with vegan and vegetarian cooking, we’ve found that these cookbook authors have been able to bring more creativity and flavor to cooking while still keeping it fairly simple and easy for the home cook. In this new Test Kitchen series, we are going to be exploring these cookbooks more in-depth and recreating a recipe from each to demonstrate the scope of possibility in vegan and vegetarian cooking.

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Class Recap: Summery Vegan Bites with Rachel Klein of Miss Rachel’s Pantry


Rachel Klein of Miss Rachel’s Pantry returned last week for an occasion we can all certainly get behind: happy hour! Rachel prepared three amazing happy hour vegan dishes to be enjoyed by carnivores and vegans alike. And, in true happy hour fashion, we kicked things off with a light summery cocktail: a grapefruit gin rickey. She also brought along a few vegan friendly bottles of wine to share. Look at what else she prepared!

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Give yourself a break with a Refreshing Cocktail from Twenty Manning Grill!


If you’re looking for somewhere to relax with a cold beverage this summer season, head over to Twenty Manning Grill and grab a cocktail from their seasonal 261 Labs menu! The new menu, which made its debut on Wednesday, is filled with plenty of refreshing, creative libations to quench your thirst and beat the heat this summer.  The menu features 5 new cocktails which were all inspired by America’s favorite pastime- reality television! As a bonus, they’ve also created them using locally crafted spirits. Check out what they’ve put together!

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Memorial Day Weekend Sale at COOK!


Memorial Day weekend is almost upon us and it’s a time to treat yourself to a three day weekend with a cold beer, some good food, and great company. We also want you to treat yourself here at COOK!

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